Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Modern Dr. Who (Part One)

It is hard to believe that I missed four seasons of the ongoing Dr. Who series already. I remember when it was being discussed and I thought that it might turn out ok or prove to be an utter failure. I had seen some episode advertisements over the past couple of years and they looked fun but I did not pay much attention to them, really.

I have cable but I don't really watch t.v. The cable is for my internet connection and I take advantage of the occasional science feature that peaks my interest. Otherwise, most of my media is viewed from discs that I own or have borrowed or from Youtube streams. For instance, I recently discovered a site that streams documentaries from various sources around the net, I'm in love.

Anyway, the point is that I do not watch t.v. often enough to be sucked into the newest sci-fi trappings even though I love the genre. So I've missed four years of Dr. Who. Last year I ordered three DVD sets of The Baker Years from Amazon.com and I did not even bother looking at the new material. But this year I just that. I was torn between some more Baker material and the new "1st season". I went with the new series and was promptly blown away.

I immediately borrowed other people's DVD sets and will eventually purchase my own for my collection, they are that good.

I remember way back when Dr. Who could only be found on PBS. Tom Baker was the only Doctor that I was familiar with. When he changed into the next doctor, I just could not get past the fact that MY Doctor was gone. I did not even know there were more Doctors to come and was not aware of them, or that the series had gone on for almost another decade, until the new material was being advertised.

So, there is a little history of my Dr. Who experience. Next post will include some pros and cons of the current series.

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