Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Transformers Goes Criminal

If you read Rotten Tomatoes, you might have noticed that the going belief is that Michael Bay's treatment of the Transformers was criminal intent from the start. Negative reviews aside, I liked both movies. I simply did not expect a whole lot of meaty introspective story telling. Sure, it would be nice, after all, some of the Transformers comic book stories have been very well written. But for the most part, the Transformers have always been campy sci-fi at best. Honestly, what can you expect from a marketing tool designed to sell action toys?

That said, Revenge of the Fallen crossed a line. It is rated PG-13 but I won't be letting my thirteen year old son watch this film. Between the sexy scenes and the rampant vulgar language, I just can not justify letting my child watch what amounts to trash.

Most of the negative reviews you might have seen probably focus on what "the experts" claim to be unnecessarily long scenes of explosions, sunsets, "military porn" (tough troopers decked out with the latest killing machines and tools of death), and off-centered camera shots. Personally, I love that stuff, can't get enough of it. I think what is more important to focus on is how this film was cleared as PG-13. With all of the ghetto/gangsta talk from the Autobots and the wanton cussing from everyone else, and the masturbatory hot chick scenes, what exactly does PG-13 cover? This is not a family movie, certainly not a children's movie. Just because thirteen year-olds really are talking and acting that way in public school does not mean we have to endorse or encourage that behavior.

Did you know that some of your daughters are texting naked pictures of themselves to their boyfriends as early as Sixth grade? Some of them have even been caught and expelled and written up as sex offenders, permanently placed on that List you've been hearing about.

So, let's get something straight. We don't need gangsta transformers. We don't need Megan Fox half naked. We don't need "cute and clueless" parents cussing at each other. The Transformers can be a great sci-fi story and we just don't need that modern, stereotypical trash mixed into it. Stop being lazy Mr. Bay, give a little more time to the dialogue. Keep the explosions and the rest of your awesome talents in the film, but leave the trash out.

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