Saturday, March 7, 2009

Know Your Market!

I could not help but notice the exposed flesh of the female Tokra as opposed to the very fully covered males of the order.

Not only do the women have a LOT of exposed skin, but the clothing that they do have is of an erotic nature.

I won't lie when I say that my male pigishness is very pleased by this, however, let's be fair. These people are at war. It is the center piece of their story. At any moment they may have to destroy their not-so-secret tunnels and find a new hide-out. In this state of mind, people don't normally worry about being sexy. They are more concerned about being practical and being ready to be on the move.

Also, and possibly more importantly, the sci-fi market needs to bring in more female and older viewers. By aiming for the young male hormonal teen crowd, the industry is hamstringing itself and forcing itself into a sub-niche of the sci-fi market.

At the very least, let the guys do some super-heroics in their underwear for the girls once in a while. It worked well enough for Hercules.

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