Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Stargat SG1 Weapons

So, I'm almost done watching the second season of this oddly popular and long-running show for the first time. I've seen some episodes over the years, but I'm not much of T.V. viewer. I prefer long "movie marathon" sessions without the commercials. As an added bonus I get to pause the picture at any time.

Anyway, here it is near the end of the second season and the humans on the team are still using machine guns.


I have seen them disarm dozens of aliens. I've seen each of them use the weapons so I know they can at least do that much. So why aren't they strapped to the teeth with as much alien hardware as they can carry?

I can understand that maybe the government is storing it away for study and reverse engineering, but they don't need 50 energy staffs to do that. There's only going to be one or two teams of scientists/engineers on that kind of secret project.

I like sci-fi. I can suspend my disbelief for almost anything, but sometimes, you just gotta stop and ask, "Why?"

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